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Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Accelerator

Copilot for Microsoft 365 represents a unique opportunity to accelerate time to user satisfaction, creativity, and productivity by  hands-on learning with the product from the very start. 

This experiential learning accelerates a deeper understanding of what Copilot can deliver in your specific scenarios, creating the 'aha' moment, that helps everything to click into place with your understanding of the power of AI.

Discover how to leverage the full potential of Copilot for Microsoft 365, create a personal Copilot Centre of Excellence tailored to your specific needs and achieve lasting results with Advania's Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Accelerator.

We have the expertise to put your Copilot journey on the right track.

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What to expect from your Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Accelerator

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Provide a summary of the Copilot for Microsoft 365 Adoption Accelerator, discuss the key elements, confirm the high-value scenarios it enables and explore the onboarding wizard. 

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Build the plan

Construct your adoption plan, strategise and outline your Centre of Excellence and determine how to track your Copilot for Microsoft 365 adoption success. 

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Drive adoption

Deploy your Copilot Centre of Excellence, carry out the Adoption Accelerator strategy and monitor the success of your organisation's Copilot adoption. 

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Why choose Advania?

  • We’ve been involved with Copilot for Microsoft 365 from the start, having worked with Microsoft in the Early Access Programme (one of the few organisations globally)
  • We have custom tools specifically developed to supplement Microsoft Purview in identifying Copilot risk
  • We have a full range of Copilot for Microsoft 365 services - from business case development, custom integrations and plugin development, through to Adoption & Change Management services
  • We are one of only 20 Microsoft partners globally with “Preferred” status in Microsoft's Content AI Partner Programme – giving us early access to new features and insight into roadmaps.

Ready to make your Copilot journey a success?