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UK IT state of play: IT leader survey 2023

The shifting economic reality is propelling many organisations to reassess their priorities and focus on the IT challenges they are facing.

To understand the issues and concerns affecting IT in the UK, we surveyed IT decision-makers in organisations across a wide range of sectors and asked them about their business confidence, budgets, IT recruitment, digital transformation, and their challenges and spending priorities.

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  • The key IT challenges and priorities for UK organisations
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  • The recruitment challenges affecting IT
  • The impact of digital transformation programmes
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Highlights from the report

Given the current business climate, organisations are reprioritising and focusing on meeting the new mix of IT challenges.

Key challenges: 76% of people thought IT security/privacy/cybersecurity was the top challenge for their organisation.

Business confidence: 72% of respondents remained 'confident' or 'very confident' in growth despite current economic conditions.

IT staffing: 50% said their ability to recruit IT service/support staff had been negatively affected by the uncertainty in the UK employment market. 

Digital transformation: 60% of the organisations had undertaken digital transformation with 15% planning to commence the next year. 


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