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Mid-market challenges report

As a leader in technology services for mid-market organisations, we’ve helped clients who face similar challenges in configuring and managing the right technologies. The organisations we work with often feel like they are forced into tough choices when it comes to their IT:

•  Compete for in-house IT talent against better known businesses or outsource to IT services companies?
•  Invest in enterprise-level software bundles or seek ‘best of breed’ solutions that may require more support and integration?

This research report uncovers the hidden truths of the mid-market and prevents them from feeling overlooked, undervalued  and encumbered. 

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Mid-market tech challenge #1

Cyber security

Ensuring cyber security has become a mammoth task even for the largest enterprises on the planet.

“Viewing cyber security posture as someone else’s concern puts organisations at risk. Many smaller mid-market businesses wrongly assume when they outsource IT their partner is liable for their cyber security.  Smart companies use a well-defined RACI matrix to identify who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed.”

Pravesh Kara, Director for Security and Compliance


Mid-market tech challenge #2


Despite cloud computing democratising IT previously only accessible to enterprise size organisations, the mid-market often needs support to realise the full value of Big Tech and apply it appropriately to their organisation.


"Bundling different capabilities together saves money rather than paying more for separate solutions. Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions are available in a variety of bundles with different complexities, and the components are innately integrated. The key is finding the right bundle for your organisation, and implementing the components optimally, which is where trusted technology services experts like Advania help."
Dan Coleby, Director of Client Technology Value


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mid-market tech challenge #3


The mid-market is smart and competitive. Many boards are aware of failings in their tech stacks but they simply do not have the luxury of large IT departments to resolve them. Budget pressures affects organisational goals like net-zero and the adoption of new technology like AI. 


If mid-market organisations can link risk and compliance demands with IT budget, they can flex as their needs change. Too many in the mid-market understandably just focus on one-time fixes, but don’t recognise they need to be setup for constantly evolving circumstances. They follow the official guidance on how much they should budget for cloud services, for example, but just like buying off-the-shelf vs building bespoke code, one size can’t fit all. Organisations need to consider their specific needs, the market they play in, the contextual threats they face, and flex their budgets accordingly. That’s where we add the greatest value.”

Nick Isherwood, Chief Information Officer


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