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The digital imperative: how you can move beyond transformation and thrive

These are uncertain times for organisations, as they get to grips with economic unpredictability and the opportunities of the AI-enabled era. It’s never been more crucial to realise the benefits of digital transformation.

This digital imperative provides an opportunity to optimise the technologies you need the most, reducing costs, time and negative impacts. Many of the Microsoft technologies you already use can help you modernise services and foster innovative new processes that will help your people thrive.

This guide from Advania will help you understand what the digital imperative means for your organisation, and how you can rise to today’s challenges to emerge stronger, better prepared, and more productive. 

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  • Cut your costs, time and footprint in the cloud
  • Harness talent with happier, more engaged people
  • Solve problems through innovation tech and processes
  • Navigate data complexity and reduce operational burden by embracing AI
  • Strengthen your defences against evolving cyber threats

The digital imperative: a challenge or opportunity?

It’s time to thrive or lose ground. Today’s challenges may seem complex, but the solutions can set you up for lasting success.

  • Engagement: 76% of people would stay at a company longer if they had more learning and development1
  • Collaboration: 83% of digitally mature organisations depend on cross-functional teams2
  • Innovation: By 2025, 70% of new applications deployed at enterprises will use low-code or no-code tools3
  • Sustainability: Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform can be up to 93% more energy efficient than on-premise solutions4


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